History - Entrepreneurial                                    Byron Shutz
Entrepreneurial Successes & Corporate Acquisition                                                          1990 to Present

VP Operations and Design,
Garuda, Inc. / K2, Inc. - Seattle, WA & Bozeman, MT                
Following my sale of Garuda Mountaineering to the publicly held multinational corporation K2, Inc., I
was retained to integrate the two organizations and initiate business and product development;
trained the K2 subsidiary management and production teams in all phases of the Garuda business to
ensure a comprehensive structure for continued development.

Owner, General Manager & Designer, Garuda Mountaineering – Seattle, WA                    
Founded Garuda Mountaineering, a company that specialized in the original design and manufacture
of state-of-the-art mountaineering and backpacking tents. Built Garuda to become an innovation
standard in the outdoor industry, recognized for its exceptional quality and acknowledged to have
redefined single-wall and tent technologies, which resulted in most major companies developing
competing lines and materials.

Industriously created and grew every aspect of this trend-setting company through hands-on, find-a-
solution-to-every-problem self-training.

• Doubled sales each year.
• Hired and trained all production staff to meet expanding demand.
• Computerized all administration, production, sales and accounting functions.

• Created and implemented marketing and sales programs.
• Actively marketed line at
national trade shows.
• Generated, negotiated and managed all sale contracts.

• Wrote all marketing copy and created the technical graphics for product catalog and merchandising.
• Retained and  liaised with graphics and marketing firms to design and generate magazine
advertising and marketing materials.

• Designed and engineered all prototypes,
model lines and product upgrades.
• Implemented CAD software and hardware to create
designs, patterns, markers, assembly
documentation, instruction manuals, and marketing graphics.
• Researched, sourced, negotiated, and purchased all equipment and materials.
• Worked with vendors to develop new, industry-influencing fabrics specific to Garuda.

• Created all manufacturing processes; designed and built manufacturing facility space
• Engineered and performed all aspects of production and manufacturing.

Japan - Garuda Distribution: developed Garuda’s vendor relationship with distributor Intertec, Inc.,
Tokyo, and nurtured their retail distribution channels; presented at Intertec’s Tokyo sales convention.
Garuda also developed other international sales opportunities, fostering relationships at domestic
semi-annual trade shows.

Founder & Webmaster - www.fundingwaschools.org closed Dec 2018
Advocate with legislators and public officials in Olympia for state funding of public K-12 education
system; testified in 2009 legislative session before
legislative hearings on bills for improved public
school funding in Washington State. With co-founder Barb Billinghurst, editor/webmaster of this
unique resource for heightening public awareness on funding Washington State public schools and
for promoting advocacy toward legislative improvements to the school funding systems.  
2007 –
Garuda Catalog 1997-8 Color - 3.6 MB download
Garuda Catalog 1995-96; 2-Color - 2.1 MB download