Technical Drawings Per Tent Model
Tent Name: Single or Double-Wall * # people * 3 or 4 Season+

Kaja: SW * 2p * 4+s ('94)

Jalan Jalan: SW * 1p * 3s ('92)

Kamet: SW * 2p * 3s ('92)

Atman: SW * 1p * 4s ('92)

Kusala: SW * 2p * 4s ('92)

Tambu: SW * 2p * 4+s ('96)

Trikaya: SW * 3p * 4+s ('95)

Tasir: DW * 2p * 3s ('96)

Jana: DW * 2p * 4s ('96)

Pattar: DW * 2+p * 4+s ('96)

Sahti: DW * 3p * 4+s ('96)

Emeishan: SW * 2p * 4s ('94) Though discontinued by K2 after '96, the
Emeishan remains one of my favorite designs...

Additional Product and Production Files

Factory Floor Original 1993 Layout

Sewing & Cutting Table Factory Plans 1993

Easton Aluminum Poles Assembly Specs 1994

Tent & Pole Stuff Sacks 1996

Groundcovers & Stuffsack Pattern Layout

Tent Patches and Triangle Tie-Downs

Production Material Calculations & Ordering Specifications

  • For 1997  (post sale to K2, to move production to Bozeman)
Garuda     CAD Technical & Promotional Drawings
The tents were created with computer-aided-design software (GENERIC
CADD, and later in Autocad LT).  Several hundred to a thousand+ hours
of design work and multiple CAD drawings underlie each tent model
moved through to production - each tent owner relies upon just the one
they are in.

A series of drawings were drafted for each tent:

  • Schematic:Top, Side, Front, Rear and 3-D views
  • Manual Graphics: 2-D drawings for the User Manual orientation
  • Exploded View: construction drawings of each piece and  component
  • Patterns: marker of every pattern piece
  • Pattern Layout: marker orientation and alignment per fabric type
  • Zipper Markup: length and alignment patterns of zippers and pulls

Additional specification drawings were drafted for the cross-model
components, accessories, manufacturing processes, and marketing

1996 Wholesale Order Form

Front Door Sign - '95

1996 Factory Floor Layout
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