History - Corporate                           Byron Shutz
Corporate Employment                                                                                                                    

VP Operations and Design, Garuda, Inc. / K2, Inc. - Seattle, WA & Bozeman, MT                
Following the sale of Garuda Mountaineering to the publicly held multinational corporation K2, Inc., I
was retained to integrate the two organizations and initiate business and product development;
trained the K2 subsidiary management and production teams in all phases of the Garuda business to
ensure a comprehensive structure for continued development.

Owner, General Manager & Designer, Garuda Mountaineering – Seattle, WA                    
Founded Garuda Mountaineering, a company that specialized in the original design and manufacture
of state-of-the-art mountaineering and backpacking tents. Built Garuda to become an innovation
standard in the outdoor industry, recognized for its exceptional quality and acknowledged to have
redefined single-wall and tent technologies, which resulted in most major companies developing
competing lines and materials.

Asst. Vice President, Lowe Enterprises Commercial Real Estate - Bellevue, WA             
Built the NW property management division for this national commercial real estate development
company; quickly promoted to the top regional commercial executive position. Developed new
management and leasing structures for $17 million (1989) of diverse properties.

Vice President and Property Manager, The Shutz Company - KC, MO                                 
Family-owned $6m (1987) commercial real estate development and management; managed and
leased retail, warehouse and manufacturing properties; computerized company operations and
accounting operations.

Assistant Manager, Mountain Miser, Inc., Ft. Collins, CO                                                        
High-end backpacking and mountaineering equipment retail store in a Colorado chain headquartered
in Denver. It was here I initiated performing in-store repairs, better learning the attributes of equipment
that led to launching Garuda years later. This position followed several years of retail experience in
Washington and mid-west outdoor equipment stores.
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