The people who shared my personal journey through the Garuda days are indelible companions to my
fond memories.

Many people influenced and bestowed my experience with the deep satisfaction I carry to today - I do
hope to recall most by name, in addition to by face and affection. An abundance of friends, partners and
colleagues were an integral part of Garuda. The privilege to have shared their world is too immense,
and my gratitude to often unspoken (and apologies undoubtedly due to some as well).These are the
people that were meaningful to me, not the business nor even what they did to make them the people
whom I got to know, but the
person with whom I fondly appreciate the time and experience, and what I
took away uniquely from them.

There are indeed so many people to thank - not all equal in friendship, support or influence, but all
present in my mind. Making a list is inherently inadequate, as many folks are mistakenly merged
namelessly into the long time past. And trying to list good friends in any kind of order is equally
untempered -
I am just grateful to know each.

Yet I am bewildered by the discovery as I went back through packets of forgotten pictures that there are
so few photos of people. Though much of the early years was indeed a solo toil in front of the computer,
behind cutting knives and sewing machines, and alone in the field testing too, there were many key
people involved, but apparently not 'in the picture' - my profound loss.

Some likely may be surprised to see their name (back to reflecting upon my apologies and regrets...) –
my sincere thanks and warm gratitude to you each, and to you all.  I may never yet express enough
thank yous, namastes, merci's, domo aragatos, and gracias . Garuda friends - a heartfelt salute!
Garuda     The people
Dad and Mom
Collin, Eleanor, Lindley
Michael Laddin
Chris Macaulay
Paul & Cindy Dieter
Bill Keebler
Eric Nord
Brian Keeley
Tom & Deb Nolan
Joan Bateman
Dale DeFrance
Penn Newhard
Mark Jobe
John Starr
Kevin Sink
Pat & Deb Barceski
Chuck Bohlen

Armie Tolentino
Khankham Sayavong
Kurt Vordahl
Mike Shontz

Lock Miller
Stewart Irving
Jan Greenspan
Danny Fleming
Peter Hickner
Suzanne Wilson
Stan Reeves
Morrie Trautman

Dana Gleason
Rene Sipple-Baker
Al Diebert
Larry Day
Greg Garrigues

Steve Noall
Charles Duvall
Randy Verniers
Todd Bibbler
Mike Blenkarn
George Marks
Bob Swanson
Bill Moss
Fred Williams
Hans Wain
Wayne (& Susie) Gregory
Steve Crisafulli
Skip Yowell
Martin Zemitas
David Mydans
Joshua Blumenthal

Jack MacPherson
Tom McCarthy
Bill Pelkey
Dallas Pyle
Ken Kudo
Chris Hall
Steve Hitchcock
Frank Tehan
Ken Siecinski,
Danny Richardson
Peter Kane
Bob / Kevin Goebel
Brad Hale
Jim Prestipino
Pat Stratton
Pete Frickland
Lee Fromson
Duane McNett
Jim Flanagan

Steve Howe
Michael Hodgson
Douglas Gantenbein
Duane Raleigh
Craig Dostie
Earnest Shiwanov

Tony Lewis
Peter Cole

Steve Unsch
Alison Hargreaves
Armie & Khankham
Garuda People       Tent CAD Drawings        Photos '93-96        Early Photos
Garuda People       Tent CAD Drawings        Photos '93-96        Early Photos