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North America: Washington

Annual Boys Lost In The Mountains Trips - 3 to 5 day backpacking treks with college friends

BLITM 2009: Entiat River-Lomas Pass-Larch Loop:

Sep 12th to 15th. A 4 day loop, about 24 miles; 8 up the Entiat Valley, 7 up Pomas Pass and over to
Larch Lakes, and 9 out.

A unique NW walk with high views - cut short the southern leg of high, dry ridge stroll - bailed at Larch
Upper Entiat River Valley (Day 1), up to Pomas Pass (morning of Day 2).
Pomas Pass, view east, view back to Pass from ridge south.
Washington Photos                       BLITM 2009 in the Cascades