History - Education & Interests                    Byron Shutz
Education and Other Experience                                                                                                Ongoing

BA in Anthropology, University of Colorado-Boulder, CO                                                         
Concentration: Settlement Archeology and Physiology of Bio-Locomotion
Undergrad Asst. to Dr. Bruce H. Dahlins

University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington.                                                                     
Concentration: Comparative Sociology

Interests: active Boy Scouting with my son, basketball asst. coach with my daughter; biographies and
world history of the 19th and 20th century; backpacking and international trekking; flight simulation
(particularly vintage 4-engine aircraft); aviation enthusiast.

Continuously augmenting professional capabilities through diverse education, training and


Project Management           Research & Design             Presentations                 Contract Negotiations
Budget & Planning              Product Development          Customer Service           Contract Writing
Personnel Develop.            Product Costing                    Post-sale Follow Up        Compliance Issues
Training                                 Production Planning            Referrals                            Real Estate Law
Business Taxation              Marketing                               Market Analysis                  Site Planning
Finance                                 Merchandising                       Feasibility Studies            Bldg. Construction

Software & Hardware

Oversight of operating system and server IT for small and medium business.

Operating Systems - DOS 2.0 through Windows 7

Applications - MS Office 1995 to 2010, GenCAD1.0 thru AutoCAD LT 2000, QuickBooks 1.0 thru Online
2010, Quicken 1990 thru 2019; TurboTax 200-2019; numerous productivity apps, utilities, drivers, etc;

Hardware – PC 80286 thru I7-900; networks, all peripherals and accessories.