History - Gov, Community, Advocacy      Byron Shutz
Community & Government Affairs                                                                                          

Community - current

  Together Center Board  2016-2021 – President 2020-21
    Vice President and Treasurer - 2018-19
    Finance Operations Comm. - Chair 2018-19
    Strategic Planning Comm. (TC2) - 2017-present

Eastside Pathways  Board Member 2018-21
                        Strategic Plan Comm 2019-20           

Hopelink   Board Member 2017 & 2020-2023

                      Board Governance & Dev. Comm. 2017-Present;                       Board Finance Comm. 2021-Present;

Redmond Kiwanis Club
    Immediate Past President 2018-19
    President 2017-18
    President Elect 2016-17
    Fundraising Chair 2016-17
    Service Projects Chair 2015-16
    Budget Chair - 2015-18

City of Redmond Civil Service Commission  Commissioner 2018

City of Redmond Recreation Center Stakeholder Group 2018-Present

Lake Washington Schools Foundation Advisory Comm. 2013-Present

• Elected to Redmond City Council, Position 2, 2014-2017 - City of Redmond, WA

    EHSF Appointed: Leadership Eastside Civic Incubator Steering Comm.

Re-establishing Local Advocacy for K-12 Public Education:

Community Service Award 2014 LWPTSA Award Recipient recognizes someone in the community
working on behalf of all children and youth and promotes high standards in education. This person
believes in, practices, and encourages community involvement and service.

VP & Committee Chair - Lake Washington Citizen's Levy Committee                                        
401(c)4 committee to promote passage of local school district levies and bonds in the tens of millions
to hundreds of millions of dollars; Vice President of non-profit corporation, Chair on fundraising,
budget, commuinication, marketing, and website committees, and a public officials contact.

Co-President & Council Co-Chair -  Lk Wash. Schools Foundation Board of Trustees                             
Co-President and Co-Chair of Advisory Council for 2009-10 term (plus most duties of interim
executive director); recruited co-President and served additional committee chairmanships to lead the
organization through a strategic evolution to redefine its community relationships and to reposition its
mission with the School District for the sustainability of  resource development, fundraising and
programs; Chair of the Executive Comm., Executive Director Search, Compensation, and Governance
Committees; Treasurer 2008-09. Primary 2010 fundraiser event increased 67% for a historical high of
community-contributed revenue; trustee. LWSF serves the communities of Kirkland, Redmond and
Sammamish, and 24,000 students in the LW School District.

Founder & Webmaster www.FundingWASchools.org  closed Dec 2018
Advocate with legislators and public officials throughout 2009 legislative session for state funding of
public K-12 education system in Olympia; testified before
legislative hearings on bills for improved
public school funding systems in Washington State. With co-founder Barb Billinghurst, editor and
webmaster of this unique resource for mobilizing public awareness on funding Washington State
public schools and for promoting advocacy for legislative improvements to the school funding
systems. Citizen lobbied in Olympia, advocating personally with legislators and policymakers, as well
as distributing a CD in 2008 containing our narrated presentation and resources on the state of
Washington K-12 education underfunding.

Outstanding Advocate 2008 LWPTSA Award Recipient: recognition for continued and dedicated
advocacy service to children, and a demonstrated commitment to help create policy.

Legislative Advocacy Chair - Redmond Jr. HS PTSA and Audubon Elem. PTSA         

Founding Member - Lake Washington Alliance for School Funding                                  
Co-initiated the formation of citizen group partnering with Lake Washington School Board, District
Administration, Education Association, and PTSA to mobilize public awareness of the consequences
of state funding on school district budget and services.

Citizen Member - LWSD Budget Advisory Committee                                                          
One of three community members on a citizen and staff panel mandated to develop Lake Washington
School District Administration’s guidelines for aligning budget decisions to community priorities.

Advocate, Washington State PTA (WSPTA)                                                                            

The WSPTA serves over 150,000 PTA members in 13 active Regions throughout Washington.

Lead Chair 2009 - Legislative Focus Day 2009: recruited co-chair Shelley Kloba, led this
membership and broad coalition advocacy event in Olympia to match the political needs in the
legislative Session, culminating with a
public rally on the steps to the Capital Legislative Building with
Governor Gregoire and dozens of legislators and public officials; identify goals and tools to mobilize
PTA members and advocacy partners to engage and influence legislators in a year-round lobbying
program; created
all new infrastructure, processes and materials, new web resources,  partner
cultivation, and
documentation; coordinated management over the year of major partner organization
and public officials; produced a comprehensive
Project Report.   

Committee Member - Education Committee on Basic Education Funding 2008-09: developer of
informational tools, materials and processes to membership and public on the work of the WA
Legislative Basic Education Finance Joint Task Force; engage members to personally advocate with
their legislators and policy makers. Co-created a CD containing FWS's narrated PowerPoint
presentation and resources on the state of Washington K-12 education underfunding.
Chair 2008 - Legislative Focus Day 2008: led membership lobby-day in Olympia in the Legislative
Building;  identified goals and tools to better communicate to PTA members the benefit of a direct
dialog with legislators; created underlying infrastructure and documented the processes, culminating
with a
Project Report.

WSPTA Issue Submitter: Co-authored 2008 issue to evolve WSPTA legislative advocacy agenda
structured to align to the Washington State’s biennium budget process, for the purposes of: 1)
determining legislative priorities of the WSPTA in odd-numbered years of the “short” Legislative
Session, and 2)  determining strategy and training in even-numbered years of the “longer” (budget)
Legislative Session.  This 2-year cycle result in issues carry for a minimum of 2 years for far more
effective lobbying continuity, rather than changing every year.

Co-authored 2009 local school levy and levy local effort assistance (LEA) - reslt is WSPTA had a
platform on which to lobby for ESHB 2261 Model Schools support to LEA .

Founding Member 2006 - Ed Funding Mobilization Group: implemented WSPTA’s legislative
advocacy around funding issue; co-developed implementation strategies; co-authored educational,
instructive, and mobilization materials; presented the material and topic to groups throughout the

Board of Directors, PTSA Council 2.8, Lake Washington School District (LWPTSA)        

The LW Council serves 41 local unit schools with over 15,000 PTA members and 24,000 students.
Note: PTSA positions listed below were for a term of one to two years; roles often ran concurrently.

Legislation Co-Chair: co-created new manual detailing the LC duties, schedule and resources;
planned and hosted legislative candidate forums; cultivated alliances with school administration and
board for messaging issues; developed communications and action plans; coordinated events with
local councils.

Chair – Newsletter Editor: developed and documented processes to edit & create local content
published monthly to Council’s regional leadership; coordinated content with regular contributors.

Scholarship Committee: the committee restructured the application and evaluation processes;  
evaluated applications to award $12K to staff and students.

Board of Directors, PTSA 2.8.5, Audubon Elementary (AE)                                                   

The Audubon local unit serves over 350 members of a 520+ student school building.

President - Board of Directors: rebuilt a dispirited organization; established enduring processes
and procedural precedents; developed and re-tooled organizational documentation and historical

Chair - Emergency Preparedness Comm.: updated and documented infrastructure, realigned

Chair - Playground Capital Improvement Committee: researched and documented historical
records to develop protocols and processes to coordinate district and non-profits for capital project.

Chair - Nomination Committee: recruited and trained candidates for Executive Committee Board;
established processes and procedural guides.
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Open flyer for 2010 Focus Day in Olympia